Wellness & Bigfoot Spa


Back to basics… to our primal state. We‘ve lost touch with our natural rhythm – a festival should be a space to breathe and recalibrate. DOSE will create a festival programme of wellness activities designed to help people fine-tune their happy hormones: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins. The wellness programme will include:

Sunrise Yoga


Mindful Running


Dance raves

Sound Baths



Gut Health Workshops

Massages & Facials

Career & Motivation Talks

Sex & Relationships Advice

Hot Tubs & Sauna!

We’re working with Bathing Under The Sky to offer something very special at Bigfoot – lakeside hot tubs & sauna.

Located by the lake and in view of the cinema screen, book in for a session where you’ll be able to enjoy an awesome experience with friends and family. This is the perfect recovery moment in a weekend of merriment – but don’t worry, there’s a bar on hand to keep the party going! Also included are sauna, showers, waiter service, and an area to get ready after your hot tub experience. What a time to be alive!

Prices range from £25 – £30 pp for a two-hour session.

Please click here to book your hot tub.

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