Go Green & Dos & Don’ts

Go Green

At Bigfoot we’re really keen to minimise the impact of the festival. Below are some things we’re doing, and things you could do to help!

Things we’re doing!

Can Bars – The main festival bars will have cans. So much awesome drink goes into can these days and it is the most easily recyclable. 

Re-usable cups – All Bigfoot cups will require a small deposit. Hand a cup back in on your next drink and get a clean glass, or use one of our rinse stations to clean it yourself. No squashed single-use plastic glasses

Kegstar – We’re partnering with Kegstar to ensure as much draft beer onsite is in steel and not plastic one-way kegs. This is one of our biggest pushes as a business!

Blackout Dining – Our headline food experience is all about showing amazing food can be done with minimal waste and… no electricity! Be sure to book tickets for this uniquely delicious affair.

Tree-planting – We’ve set up a donation box on check out so any ticket buyer can offset their trip by contributing to Bigfoot donation in re-wilding Warwickshire. All guestlist attendees will be required to make a donation.

Things you can do!

Take it home! Please don’t ditch camping equipment. It’s built to last, take it home, clean it and come back to Bigfoot in 2021. If you’re getting rid of stuff then disassemble it and leave it at the drop off points by campsite info.

Travel by coach or train, or make sure your car is full with festival-goers. Hit up our Facebook event page to offer a lift.

Bring a reuseable water bottle to refill at our water stations.

Glitter! We love to celebrate but please make sure you’re using biodegradable glitter – those microplastics are killing the fishies, and Bigfoot needs his fishies!

Bins – all waste categories will be clearly marked. Be like Greta, think about what you’re throwing away and help us all! You’ll be given bags for your campsite too – let’s make Bigfoot proud.

Dos & Don’ts


Come prepared for 3 days of camping. It’s the British summer, so it could be roasting (bring hats and suncream) or it could rain too. We hope not, but we can’t guarantee it.

It’s summer solstice weekend – expect long days and early mornings!

Be vigilant and respectful to other festival-goers and people working there. 

Recycle and leave no trace – oh, pop a donation to our tree-planting initiative on check out too.

Book into some extra fun – like hot tubs or dining!

Take lots of pictures and share it wildly – remember to tag us @bigfootfest #bigfootfest20.


Bring any glass onto site – very bad!

Bring your pets – we LOVE animals but this isn’t the right place for them I’m afraid. Guide dogs are permitted. 

Bring drugs – there are searches on entry and security may search you onsite if seen with drugs. Possession of illegal substances could mean you will be refused entry, expelled from the festival site and you could be arrested. 

Play loud music – leave that to us. Any large broadcast music is a no go, and no mini portables in campsite between 9pm and 11am please. 

No fires or fireworks and no BBQs we’re afraid. 

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